Zivor Auto ( Australasia ) Pty Ltd

We offer a wide range of Automotive Components, Consumer Products, Electronics, Industrial Chemicals, Industrial Components, Industrial Machinery, Consumables, Metals, Scrap, Tooling, Jigs, Fixtures, Assembly & Packaging, Logistics & Distribution, Project Mangement, Design & Development & Manufacturing.

Industrial Chemicals


We source chemical products, synthetic resins and speciality paints from global sources, and provides complete supply chain solutions.

With our global sourcing capabilities, we procure an extensive range of products which includes :

  • Organic chemical products
  • Fine chemical/inorganic chemical products
  • Highly functional, specialised chemical products
  • Fat and oil products, synthetic resin, chemical additives
  • Polypropylene, elastomers, polystyrene,
  • Synthetic rubber, synthetic resin,
  • Speciality Paints
  • Manufacturing chemicals, catalysts, flux, etc
  • FIPG, metal degreasers, etc

Speciality Products

To provide superior levels of services to our customers we have developed a strong and comprehensive business model which includes supply, distribution, along with assistance with regulatory compliance.

Industrial Chemicals - Surfactant, plasticiser, personalised care materials, spin finish for fiber industries

Petrochemicals - Petrochemicals and these derivatives (e.g. Alkyl benzene, Ethylene glycol, Styrene monomer)